Value Engineering service

Providing alternatives to save you money

Improving your profitbaility

Step 1 Working from the original specification, NRG will specify a VE alternative in an easy to follow format referencing the original product and our alternative, citing all relevant data and overall savings. The quotation is supplied with all the relevant data sheets to make our clients job as easy as possible. We take pride in offering a technically equivalent or superior fitting to the one originally specified rather than shoe-horning unsuitable products into the VE specification. This helps you, the client, improve your profitability rather than being out on price with commodity items

Step 2 If requested, we will also provide a full lighting design using our fittings and photometrics for your client to evaluate against the original specified lighting scheme. This helps to prove the performance of our VE offering whilst ensuring that the designs all conform to CIBSE recommendations

Step 3 Where required we provide technical support to your sales staff to visit the site, speak to architects and consultants and any other relevent parties to explain the quality aspects of the proposed luminaires and answer any queries that they may have

Step 4 Assuming we are successful with our VE offer, we will supply the order within the agreed lead times. The order can be supplied with layout drawings which have proven to be exceptionally helpful to the install teams on site. This highlights the relevant positions of the specific fitting and emergency units helping to reduce installation times

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